We’re a community arts organization in East Lake, Chattanooga, TN. We love to see the power of language and art to help people connect. We’re passionate about sharing our art with our neighborhood, and watching what happens when we come together.

East Lake is a culturally diverse neighborhood with lots of beautiful gifts and incredible abilities. In addition to celebrating the broad range of arts already being made in our neighborhood, we seek to give our neighbors more opportunities to express themselves through weekly reading groups, open studios, art instruction, and community projects and events.

ELLA is a place where people can connect, make, and learn in our neighborhood East Lake, Chattanooga.

Miss Maple’s Seeds

In case you haven't noticed, we have a pretty big soft spot for gardening books! This sweet little tale follows a miniature Miss Maple through the seasons of the year as she collects, cares for, trains, then releases seeds of all kinds. Even the birds join in to help!...

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Rosie Revere, Engineer

Ever since she was tiny, Rosie loved to make inventions! A hot dog dispenser, inflatable pants, and a cheese-whiz snake-scaring-hat... her quirky inventions made everyone smile! But one day, her uncle didn't just smile, he laughed...HARD. And Rosie didn't know how to...

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Ramon loves to draw. Or. At least he did. Until his brother came and laughed at his artwork! Ramon was angry, then embarrassed, then frustrated... until he quit. But while his brother was laughing, his little sister was watching and collecting. She saved all his...

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